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Updated Competence Database

The Competence database is based on the member's competence profiles in geometric and dimensional metrology. Each profile consists of several services which have been defined according to different dimensional metrology items (instruments, standards and artefacts, tools and methods, specific objects as well as supporting tasks).

The current database figures are:

  • 45 active members
  • 476 member records
  • 2776 services defined
  • 3045 available parameters
  • 1277 specified parameters
thread measurement in progress

Online Calculation

EVIGeM offers the possibility of calculating the pitch, diameter or indicated value for thread measurements according to the guideline EA-10/10 online on this website.

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Sky The TRIMEK SKY range of gantry-type measuring machines is available in automatic mode for measurement, digitising or scanning of large-format parts, to a high level of precision. With regard to measurement applications, this model is particularly recommended for measuring geometric features, free forms and inverse engineering, and so the unit can operate with optics and contact...

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The EVIGeM members

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Additional organisations are invited to apply for a membership in the EVIGeM Virtual Institute. If you are interested in joining this network in the field of geometric and dimensional metrology, contact us and inquire about membership. Applications from companies and institutes offering technical expertise in any of EVIGeM’s dimensional subject areas and supporting tasks are always welcome.

Internetportal MMM ETH Zürich, Switzerland:

Measurement Science and Technology

Various glossary term:

Maximum permissible errors (of a measuring instrument), Limits of permissible errors (of a measuring instrument

Extreme values of an error permitted by specifications, regulations, etc., for a given measuring instrument. In German, the limiting value of the permissible error is called “Fehlergrenze” (error limit). If measuring errors are within these error limits, they are labelled “Abweichungen” (deviations). If the exceed the error limits, they are labelled “Fehler” (errors). Reference: Internationales Wörterbuch der Metrologie, International Vocabulary of Basic and General Terms in Metrology, DIN, Beuth Verlag 1984